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May 2009

The Jetset – Do You Wanna Be In The Show? – Twist Records

1.The Eddies - "Colour My World"
2.The Shambles - "Hard To Say Goodbye"
3.Yeh Yeh - "Does it Look Like Rain"
4.Jeremy - "Every Little Moment"
5.Herb Eimerman - "You Should Know By Now"
6.Russ Schneider - "Jetset Theme"
7.Mega Super Ultra - "What A Way To Go"
8.The Che Men - "Wednesday Girl"
9.The Ringles - "What Can I Say"
10.The Spring Collection - "The Other Side Of Joe"
11.Ed James - "Welcome To The Bomb"
12.The Risk - "Judy's Toybox"
13.Rinaldi Sings - "Do You Wanna Be In The Show?"
14.Hanna Trance - "Happy In My Mind"
15.Richard Fairclough - "Mr. Maybe"
16.Tetters Plays Pop - "Vaudeville Park"
17.Cola Jet Set - "The Man Who Lives Upstairs"

The Shambles 6th album "Desde Ayer” JAM/ Blindspot Records 115

1) Una Mujer Por Quien Matar (“A Girl to Kill For” instrumental early mix with live lead guitar)
2) Desde Ayer (FM 94.9 Radio Session)
3) Sin Ti (Acoustic Demo)
4) Un Poco Mejor (Demo)
5) Nadie Te Quiere (Alternate Mix)
6) Sympathy (Demo)
7) Problems of Her Own (Acoustic Demo)
8)Paris Yesterday (The Paul Weller Song) (Demo)
9) What You Mean To Me (Acoustic Demo)
10) More Than This (original mix)
11) Mission: To Mars* - All Sorts
12) The Andrew Beacock Congregation– Give Me One More Sign
13) The Rarities – Happy Birthday
14)The Spring Collection – I Thought That You’d Miss Me

Staring at the Sun VII
17 San Diego artists including The Shambles, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, Anna Troy, Circa Now, The Infants, Simeon Flick, The Grams, Lee Coulter and more

Forty One Sixty
Track listing for Volume 1:
Forty One Sixty
The Songs of The Shambles & Manual Scan

1) Static Halo (San Diego) – The American Way (Mendoza)
2) Yeh-Yeh (England) – And We Still Feel The Same (Mendoza)
3) Mark Le Gallez & The Eddies (UK/US) - Don’t Know Where To Start (Donaker-Ring)
4) Liebling (Denmark) – Survive (Riddervold/Mendoza)
5) Happy Losers (Spain) – Blurs Somewhere (Mendoza/Morris)
6) The Lola’s (Alabama) – I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster (Mendoza)
7) The Sleepwalkers (California) – Days & Maybes (Mendoza)
8) The Kingpins (Canada) – Plan of Action (Mendoza)
9) Anna Troy (San Diego) – 31968 (Mendoza)
10) Eva Braun (Becej, Yugoslovaia) – Blindspot (Mendoza/Morris)
11) The Andersons (Los Angeles) – Rain or Shine (Mendoza/Morris)
12) Mod Fun (New Jersey) – Nothing Can Be Everything (Mendoza)
13) The Ringles (Illinois) – Innocence Becomes You (Mendoza)
14) Rachael Gordon (California) – Sense of Perception (Mendoza/Morris)
15) Jeremy (Michigan) – I Believe (Mendoza/Morris)
16) Marie Haddad (San Diego)– Where You Are (Mendoza/Morris)
17) The Hipnotes (Michigan) – Change (Donaker-Ring)
18) Sugarplum (England) – Confidence & Love (Mendoza)
19) Herb Eimerman (Illinois) – All Sorts (Mendoza/Morris)
20) Afterglow (England) – Of Heart & Soul/For Jamie (Mendoza)
21) The Eddies (Los Angeles) – Jungle Beat (Mendoza)
22) The Truckee Brothers (San Diego) – The Waiting Game (Mendoza)
23) Cockeyed Ghost (Los Angeles) – Brilliant (Mendoza)
24) Mega Super Ultra (Illinois) – Confidence & Love (Mendoza)

The Shambles 5th album "20 Explosive Hits"

The Spring Collection "In Between" (Blindspot 111)

Anna Troy "Wait Another Day" - Blindspot 113

Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes Anthology (Blindspot 119)

Irradio - "I Am The Horn" (Blindspot 118)

Rachael Gordon's "Rock 'n' Roll Girl" new from Wizzard in Vinyl (Japan)

The Young Idea - "A Tribute To Squire" - from England's Twist Records-
The Shambles perform two tracks, Bart wrote the liner notes

Manual Scan - Plan of Action 7" EP - reissue of the band's 1982 release on
Spain's Munster Records!

Buffalo Springfield tribute album "Five Way Street" with The Shambles version of "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?" - on Not Lame

Television Personalities tribute "I Would Write A Thousand Words" with the Shambles covering "If I Could Write Poetry." from Canadian label The Beautiful Music.

Music Compilation "Staring at the Sun V" featuring the groups new song "More Than This". This is a freebie from Blindspot Records and The Beach Music Mafia.

Music compilation "San Diego Soundscape" featuring the band's "Change' This is a PR item from The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau and Insomnia Records.

"Sweet Relief" a three disc compilation from JAM Records to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina Relief. Includes the Shambles track "Wendy Never."

The online only Byrds tribute disc "Tymeless Flight" includes their version of "Feel A Whole Lot Better.


“San Diego Indie Music Fest IV” - Various Artists

Bart contributes bass, vocals, keys, art direction etc. on Dave Humphries latest album,“and so it goes…”(Blindspot 106)

The Eddies have included their versions of Manual Scan’s “Don’t Know Where To Start”
and “Jungle Beat” on their new album, Twice Around the World.

Kenny Howes is due to record a version of The Shambles' song “The Colour Swirl”

Bart also contributes vocals to the next Static Halo album and is set to do the
same on the upcoming album from Podunk Nowhere.

Future Projects:

JAM Records “Sweet Relief 2” to include Shambles and more…
The second volume of “Sweet Relief 2” is set to include contributions from a
worldwide selection of artists including two from San Diego: The Shambles and
Anna Troy.

Confirmed Compilations:
“Remember The Lightning” on Tribute to 20/20 (Twist Records, England)

“State of the Union” on Tribute to The Risk (Twist Records, England)

“Hard To Say Goodbye” on Tribute to The Jetset (Twist Records, England)

“The Bird” (Manual Scan) or “A Girl to Kill For” on Many Moods of Beauty (The
Beautiful Music, Canada) An all instrumental album.

“It’s Late” on Tribute to Ricky Nelson

“Snookeroo” on Tribute to Ringo Starr (Jealousy Records)

Pending Compilations:
“Blow Away” on Tribute to George Harrison (Jealousy Records)

“You Wear It Well” on Tribute to Rod Stewart (Delirium Records)

Tribute to Ed Ball & The Times (The Beautiful Music, Canada)

Shambles Live


Archive of LIVE SHOWS and Setlists for May 2009


May 31, 2009 08:00 PM - Surf ’n’ Saddle / Joe Mendoza
(aka The Spring Collection)
, Solana Beach, California - FREE

May, 30 2009 08:00 PM - The Casbah / The Che
Underground Showcase w/ Manual Scan, The Answers, The
Wallflowers and more
2501 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, California 92101 -

Manual Scan Setlist:
Casbah May 29 /09

I Can Only Give You Everything
For Those
And We Still Feel The Same
The Shape of Things to Come
She Said Its Late
New Difference
Jungle Beat
Nothing You Can Do
American Way
The Real Me
Like Wow Wipeout
Nothing Can Be Everything
Leaving Here
I Can’t Don’t Want to Faster
She’s So Fine
Come See Me

May 24, 2009 08:00 PM - Surf ’n’ Saddle / Joe Mendoza
(aka The Spring Collection)
, Solana Beach, California - FREE

May, 23 2009 09:00 PM - Brick By Brick / The Shamey
Jays CD release
, San Diego / Bay Park, California -

The Shamey Jays CD release show for "Your Pretty Packages"

Spring Collection

Review from Dagger website -
12/10/05 Reviews section:

THE SPRING COLLECTION- S/T- BLINDSPOT- I’m always amazed at bands
who manage to come up with fresh songs doing the classic Beatles/Beach Boys/Byrds
format of jangly pop. In essence , you could say, yes, it has ! all been done before but
a great song is a great song and a solid batch of 16 songs is a solid batch of 16 songs
and San Diego’s The Spring Collection have done it in glowing fashion. The band is led
by singer/songwriter Joe Mendoza (his brother Bart, also in The Shambles among other
bands, plays bass ) the band has their chops down and Joe seems to come up with a
never-ending supply of chewy hooks for us listeners to sink our buck teeth into.
“On and On”, “Something Happened”, “You’re the One”, “Going Away”, the list goes
on and on. If you like the type of music usually championed on labels like Not lame,
Paisley Pop, Jam, and the like then this will indeed perk your ears up.
( )

excerpt from Eric Sorensen's top cds of 2004 list:

THE SPRING COLLECTION - The Spring Collection (self-released;
available from Not Lame) Joe Mendoza, with help from brother
Bart (of the Shambles), has released an exceptional disc that
is overflowing with jangly tracks - including a Byrdsian
version of Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight." Think Shoes,
Records and Shambles.

excerpt from Eric Sorensen's January 2005 fufkin column:

The Spring Collection - by the Spring Collection. I cannot say
enough about this terrific disc! The album cover and insert
photos picture an assortment of Rickenbacker guitars and an
acoustic 12-string guitar - so this is a clue regarding the
contents. Joe Mendoza, with support from brother Bart Mendoza
(of the Shambles), is the driving force in this band - that,
too, is a clue regarding the contents. This disc jangles from
start to finish - with two tracks that will compete for Song
of the Month honors ("But, I Did" and "Wonderful Tonight" - a
power pop take on Eric Clapton's ballad). America's Finest
City has provided the indie pop community with an album that
truly represents the sunshine pop of Southern California. Long
may you run, Sir Joe and bandmates!

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

from October 7, 2004 issue of

The Singing Cop

"I've looked down into the audience and seen guys I've arrested!"

Feature by Jay Allen Sanford
Photograph by Sandra Castillo
Published October 7, 2004

'This is what I really want to do; music isn't just a hobby for me,"
says San Diego cop Joe Mendoza. A 13-year sheriff's department
veteran (10 years at the Encinitas station), his debut CD The Spring
Collection was recorded at a local recording studio owned by
Stereotypes drummer Mike Kamoo (who also produced and engineered).

Teen stringsmith Derek Duplessie performs on pedal steel guitar, and
the deputy's brother Bart Mendoza, of the Shambles and Manual Scan,
plays bass and sings backup on the CD. "Bart kind of knew that I
played guitar and sang," says the 39-year-old. "A couple of years
back, he heard me playing some originals at our mom's house, and he
suggested we go into the studio and record. I'd been a closet player
until then. I hadn't played in public...the first one we did
together was a Christmas song."

Now that he's playing solo acoustic sets at clubs like Hennessey's
(in Pacific Beach) and the Surf N' Saddle (in Solana Beach), his
professions have been known to cross. "I've been coaxed into picking
up a guitar a couple of times while on duty. I walk into a bar where
I've played before and, I don't know, the peer pressure is kind of
hard to resist if someone begs me to play a song. A lot of other
officers know what I do; I've played at a few [police department]
picnics. I actually sold five CDs at work [laughs]. I wouldn't bill
myself as 'the Singing Cop' though."

Although Mendoza performs a few covers (Clapton's "Wonderful
Tonight" being the only one on his CD), he prefers doing original
songs. Asked if his music is similar to his brother's
'60s-influenced power pop, he says, "I write love songs, Bart writes
relationship songs." The difference? "My songs are really
straightforward, more country. They're about loves lost and loves
won, standard 'I love you, I hate you, I miss you' kind of songs.

His stuff is a little harder to understand, you know? It's not
always easy to tell what he's singing about."

1. The Beatles Rubber Soul and Revolver
2. Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend
3. Don McLean's American Pie ("the whole album, not just the song")
4. The Eagles ("a CD compilation I burned myself")

1. Three Amigos
2. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
3. The Rutles' "All You Need Is Cash" [TV special]
4. Top Gun
5. Batman: The Movie (1966 -- "I'm a huge fan. I have tons of Batman

1. Rickenbacker 360 6-string ("my Paul Weller guitar")
2. Rickenbacker 360 12-string ("with wood grain, like Roger
3. Rickenbacker 325 v58 6-string ("my John Lennon replica")
4. Rickenbacker 360 v54 12-string ("like George Harrison used in
Hard Day's Night")
5. Taylor 355ce acoustic 6-string ("made in San Diego") and Taylor
315ce acoustic 12-string ("like butter")

"I've looked down into the audience and seen guys I've arrested!
I've had gang members buy me beer. It's bound to happen; I'm playing
in bars -- that's just the atmosphere. On the other hand, sometimes
when I make traffic stops, someone will recognize me from playing a
gig. Then it can get awkward...a lot of times they'll try to play up
that they know who I am because they want me to let them off the
hook for something."

©2004 San Diego Reader. All rights reserved.

from June 2, 2004 issue of North County Times:

Wednesday, June 2, 2004 12:00 PM PDT

Rockin' cop returns to Fiesta del Sol, this time without his badge

By: PATRICIA MORRIS BUCKLEY - For the North County Times
He's a cop by day and a rock star by night ---- he's Joe Mendoza.
No, not a superhero, just one of the acts for Fiesta del Sol.

"The joke is if you work the fiesta five times, you get to play
onstage," said Ken Leighton, the event's promoter. "Sheriff's deputy
Joe Mendoza has actually worked the fiesta five different times in
uniform. This time, he'll be there in a different capacity, with his
band, Spring Collection."

Mendoza is just as surprised by his appearance at the event,
especially since he works out of the Encinitas Sheriff's Station,
which covers Solana Beach.

"It's interesting to play on the beat you work on," said Mendoza, an
Escondido resident. "It's not a fit that people expect. They don't
expect to see cops out there singing. But it's going to be fun
getting out there and doing it."

This split personality is nothing new for him. Both he and his
brother, Bart Mendoza, have played music since early childhood. His
brother, a freelance writer, has a band called Shambles, and he'll
be appearing with Mendoza.

"I've been writing songs since I was in high school," Mendoza said.
"It's mostly an acoustical solo act, and I play anywhere I get a
chance. Mostly it's at local open mike nights. This is my first real
professional experience."

The original songs he'll be performing (plus a cover of Eric
Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight") are rhythm-oriented rock 'n' roll.

"I've always been a huge Beatles fan," he said. "My music is sort of
a blend of the Byrds, the Beatles and '60s pop."

Yet he has a flip side. In fact, if he ever did decide to try a
professional career in music, it would be as a country-western
singer and songwriter.

"If I had to choose between the law and music, it would be a tough
decision," said Mendoza, who has 13 years in with the San Diego
County Sheriff's Department. "Law is the perfect fit for me. I enjoy
interacting with people and being the guy they call for help. That's
my night job.

"The other side of me is an outlet. It feels good to get my feelings
out on paper, so I would be interested in seeing where my music
takes me. But I would still like to be able to do both."

Spring Collection

When: Noon June 6

Where: Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach

Admission: Free

Info: (858) 755-4775

© 1997-2004 North County Times

Mission To Mars


Originally formed to make use of down time with their respective on going groups, Mission: To
Mars* features 5 of San Diego's best known musicians, including Mike Kamoo (Static Halo / The
Melanies) , Dylan Martinez (Static Halo / Broken Dial Radio) , Robert Boynton (If Tomorrow) ,
Hector Penalosa (Zero's / Flying Colour) and Bart Mendoza (The Shambles / Manual Scan). The
band doesn't rest on it's collective laurel's but instead offers up brand new tunes, in which everybody writes
and everybody sings. The group has already played out successfully with the likes of Superdrag and has
contributed to several European compilations. With a sound incorporating rock, melodic pop and even
elements of folk, as well as a few choice covers, Mission: To Mars* offers something for just about
everybody and is the perfect act to close out your Adams Ave. Street Fair Weekend. Look for their debut
release early next year.

Here's an article from The La Jolla Light Jan 2001-
Gregory Page has had to bow out due to time constraints, but the tongue in cheek
rock and roll spirit continues with "new" bassist Hector (Zero's/Flying Colour)

Mission: To Mars* by F. Chester

Mission: To Mars*, a new local "super" group, will be making it's debut tonight at
Brick By Brick (1130 Buenos Ave. Bay Park 619 275 5483). The group features
members of some of San Diego's best known pop bands, including Mike Kamoo (Static
Halo) Dylan Martinez (Broken Dial Radio) Robert Boynton (If Tomorrow) Bart
Mendoza (The Shambles) as well as local folk legend Gregory Page.
I was lucky enough to be invited (along with a select group of reporters) to attend
a top secret rehearsal session, at an industrial park somewhere in the East County.
Arriving a bit before the hordes of reporters and photographers, I was fortunate enough to
catch Mike (drums) introducing a new song to the rest of the group. Right away I knew
this was going to be a different sort of group. The song I heard wasn't even titled, and
being early I was the only non band member who heard it, but it sounds like a winner,
and that's a phrase you rarely hear associated with a drummers music.
The room quickly filled up- at least the group's managers (they of the satin tour
jackets) had thoughtfully placed name tags, so we could see which media types were in
attendance. Somehow I doubt Rolling Stone will be doing a cover story, but they sure
enjoyed the buffett line. Dylan (lead) made a cursory introduction explaining that these
were all brand new songs, and the band blasted - yes blasted- it's way through the
opening number, a punk edged song called "Eucalyptus Trees". Dylan has a great voice.
Mike was up next singing- yes while playing drums!-a very cool pop tune , something
about "Strawberries", but the batteries on my hand held recorder ran low at this point, so
maybe he's saying "I Buried Paul" for all we know. Either way it's a great song. Gregory
(bass/guitar) stepped up to the mic after switching instruments with Bart (guitar/vocals)
and from the first note of "Playing Dead", I could see what was so special about this
union. Everybody sings, everybody writes. There is no front man. They are all taking the
best of their prospective groups (all still ongoing by the way), and creating something
unique. Best of all this group rocks harder than any of their individual groups.
Their ten song set was over way too quickly, though that's as it should be in the
world of 3 minute pop songs, with a riveting song from Bart "Comet's Tomorrow". Like I
said the batteries were very low, but in the introduction to this song I can make out the
words "Waitresses", "Ray Bradbury" and "NuNu's". The mind boggles.
Now I've been to press junkets before, so maybe it was the no host bar, but the
amassed throng actually wanted more. Amazingly the group came back on and after
swearing us to secrecy, played a set of covers just for fun, that brought smiles to most of
the faces of the assembled critics and friends. I can't give titles, but rest assured there was
a Beatle song (and not sung by Bart!), and they also did something by Guided By Voices
as well as some other big surprises. Nicely done.
Speaking with the band afterword, they told me they intended to play a handful of
gigs throughout the year and record an album next month. They actually have their entire
"carreer mapped out!. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. At this point, I was
jostled by their security as "the champagne in the limo" was getting cold, and the band
escaped into the night. I could only think, this could be the start of something big.
As if that wasn't enough Mission: To Mars* is opening tonight (9 p.m. SHARP)
for Superdrag, one of the best punk pop bands around today. Recently returned to indie
status after a stint on WB, these guys are a killer live act. Their latest opus "In The Valley
Of The Dying Stars" stands amongst the best albums of the year.
No matter what, if you like your rock and roll with a pop edge, this is the show for
you. I'll be right up front

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