Monday, October 16, 2017

True Stories Report / October 13 at the Riviera Supper Club - Special Guests

With True Stories drummer Greg Smith on tour with Falling Doves, guest drummer Nico Peters of the Baja Bugs sat in with the band for two sets plus at the Riviera Supper Club on October 13. The band only played a handful of originals since Nico is new, but a lot of new covers made their way into the regular set list including The Monkees "Saturday's Child," Donovan's "Sunshine Superman," The Beatles "I'll Cry Instead." There was also some light comedy with an interactive version of "The Gilligan's Island Theme" and because someone on the dance floor asked about pizza, an impromptu version of Elvis Presley's classic "Little Sister" sung by David Fleminger as an ode to "Little Ceaser's" pizza establishment.  Adding to the fun, a number of fellow musicians joined in for a song throughout the night, including Scott Mathiasen of blues rockers The Shifty Eyed Dogs ("Slow Down" & "Bad Boy"), violinist Alicia Previn (a duet with Bart on "Ive Just Seen A Face"), bassist Aaron Bart of Tribe of Judah ("High Heeled Sneakers") and drummer Todd Sanders of Streetheart and Rockola (backing vocals on "No Matter What").

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pacific Beachfest Preview

Bart Mendoza's preview of the musical artists performing at the 2017 Pacific Beachfest, published in the Beach and Bay Press, with spotlights on Casey Turner, The King Taylor Project, The Cassie B Project and more can be found here:

Mission: To Mars* "Better Days" 2006 Release

This just turned up online: "Here are images of the bonus disc issued with advance orders of the Buffalo Springfield tribute album, Five Way Street. It includes an early version of the song "Better Days" recorded by Mission: To Mars*, which included Bart Mendoza, Mike Kamoo and Dylan Martinez. The song was later released by True Stories with Wendy Bailey."

Johnny Vernazza Interview

Bart Mendoza interviews blues guitarist Johnny Vernazza in the Peninsula Beacon

"...His most recent album is 2014’s, “Lions and Thieves,” but he is best known for his time with legendary combo, The Elvin Bishop Group, and their timeless No. 3 1976 hit, “Fooled Around and Fell In Love.” The song is still a radio favorite, turning up in commercials and movies such as the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” film, but it’s just a small part of long, storied career that has seen him play guitar with everyone from Van Morrison to Jerry Garcia...."
Johnny Vernazza Interview

The Lolas cover Manual Scan

The Lola's version of Manual Scan's song, "I Can't Don't Want To Faster" is included on an unofficial collection of their rarities, Electric Candlelights. This was originally a collection made by fans online, but physical copies have now been made available.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Marie Haddad Interview

Bart Mendoza interviewed Marie Haddad for the Peninsula Beacon Newspaper

Friday, September 15, 2017

RG Magazine Article

Bart Mendoza is profiled by Sandra Castillo in the latest issue of New York's RG Magazine