Saturday, April 3, 2021

Anna Troy / Manual Scan

Bart Mendoza provides backup vocals on Anna Troy's version of Manual Scan's  "I Can't Don't Want To Faster" on her 2008 album, "Wait Another Day," as well as two of her original songs, "In This Room" and "The Love We Had."

The Anna Troy Band  - "I Can't Don't Want To Faster"


The Anna Troy Band - "The Love We Had"

The Anna Troy Band - "In This Room"

Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Articles: Billy Tisch, Spice Pistols / Reviews: The Speedways, Ringo Starr, Agentes Secretos and more

The latest edition of the San Diego Troubadour includes the following penned by Bart Mendoza:

My latest for the San Diego Troubadour: FYI with Five Questions for the Spice Pistols (Sppike Mike, John Risdon, Michael Fairchild) + words on new releases from: Agentes Secretos (Snap Records), Dolph Chaney (Big Stir Records), Chris Church Music, The Dupont Circles (The Beautiful Music), Exploding Flowers, Jeremy Morris, Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs, Elvis Presley, The Reflectors, The Speedways, The Stan Laurels, Ringo Starr and Normandie Wilson. Read more here:
Plus: a conversation with multi-instrumentalist Billy Tisch who has performed with everyone from D.A. and the Hitmen and Normandie Wilson to the Carol Williams Band . Read more here:

Saturday, March 27, 2021

New Music Scene SD - Interviews with Richie LaBamba Rosenberg, The Litter, The Beat Farmers and more!

All 33 Local Umbrella Newspapers feature a new Music Scene SD section from Bart Mendoza- This month:

A conversation with Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg of The Miami Horns, Southside Johnny, Little Steven, Bruce Springsteen (etc!) and 25 years on late night TV with Conan O'Brien. We talk about his Pacific Records released Tom Waits tribute album with Southside Johnny, "Grapefruit Moon," Comic Con and more. You can read more here:
An Interview with Richie LaBamba Rosenberg

A conversation with  Jerry Raney of The Beat Farmers on thier reissue series + News from The San Diego Events Coalition.You can read more here:
An Interview with The Beat Farmers

An conversation with Tom Murray of Minnesota rock icons, The Litter. You can read more here:
An Interview with The Litter

Local Music Notes with news from: Agentes Secretos, Marklyn Retzer, The Dragons, Catherine Barnes, Super Buffet / Big Stir Records with Pete Bayard & Marie Haddad, Nickel Creek, Sweet Imperfections, Fast Heart Mart, Colin Clyne, Black Hesher / Van Bates, Death Eyes, Switchfoot, Normandie Wilson, Nisha Catron, Monarch etc.
You can read more here:
Local Music Notes

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Shambles on Radio 3 El Sotano

Spain's Radio 3 show, El Sotano, played the live version of The Shambles "Nadie Te Quiere Ya," on March 9 2021 - you can listen here: 3 El Sotano March 9 2021

Saturday, March 20, 2021

True Stories in Pete Best Mini Doc

Bart Mendoza and True Stories are included in a fun three minute mini-doc on Pete Best's visit to Beatles Fair in 2018. Cameos from David Fleminger, Steve Thorn, George Varga, Dave Humphries, The Baja Bugs, Alma Rodriguez and many more


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sessions: Bass and Backing Vocals with Dave Humphries

Bart Mendoza sings on three songs featured on Dave Humphries 2008 "and so it goes..." album also playing bass on two of them. All three were remastered for his 2014 Best of album, "Retro" with the song "Heartbroken Angel" receiving a new mix and string overdubs

"Heartbroken Angel" (Remix) Bass / Backing Vocals
"Run Away For The Day" Backing Vocals
"What'll I Do" Bass / Backing Vocals

Monday, March 8, 2021

New Releases: The Cardiac Kidz, The Jim Ryan Project

 Here's a first look at two upcoming releases from Bart Mendoza's Blindspot Records - A new CD / Album from The Jim Ryan Project: 2.0 and a new 7" vinyl single from The Cardiac Kidz, "Mary Young"! More details soon!


Sunday, March 7, 2021

New Articles: Lauren Leigh Martin, Gregory Page and more

Two new article from Bart Mendoza are in the latest edition of the San Diego Troubadour:

An Interview with singer Lauren Leigh Martin

FYI: A Conversation with Gregory Page + Strange Stage Stories: Lauren Leigh Martin, Monica Sorenson of Sometimes Julie, Chris Collins of The Mod Fun 

Friday, February 19, 2021

New Articles: Sometimes Julie, TAANG! Records and more

A new batch of articles by Bart Mendoza is out now, available online or in print, in all Local Umbrella Media Newspapers:

An interview with Monica Sorenson of Sometimes Julie

A Profile of TAANG! Records

My latest MUSIC SCENE SD  / Music Notes for all Local Umbrella Media newspapers with news on Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center, Scott Samuels, Iron Butterfly Collective, Cambrian Shores, Southside Johnny / Tom Waits, Black Market III, Andra Day, LA Edwards, Kenny Loggins, Sara Petite, Ratt, Hot Snakes, Thea The Band, Cattle Decapitation and more