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Manual Scan returned to the studio for the first time in 22 years. 5 songs were taped for a special edition of The Pyles Sessions, broadcast on San Diego’s FM94.9and aired on March 20, 2010. Recorded at Signature Sound Studios, production was handled by producer / engineer, Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones / Weezer). The band performed the following three classics and two covers:

1) Plan of Action
2) She’s So Fine (The Easybeats)
3) American Way
4) Nothing Can Be Everything
5) The Real Me (The Who)

The Shambles appearance on the Pyles Sessions, hosted by Tim Pyles and produced by Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones / Weezer / Elvis Costello) will finally have an official release in 2010 on a promo only, limited edition disc which includes notes from Alan Sanderson, all six session tracks and nine additional bonus cuts from additional Live radio sessions:

1) (She’s Used to Playing With) Fire
2) Desde Ayer
3) Clouds All Day
4) All Sorts
5) Brilliant
6) San Diego Medley

Vampyrates Limited Edition Sketchbook and new merchandise are available for Kevin Donaker-Ring and Jeromy Cox’s Vampyrates comic book. Kevin & Jeromy will be at the San Diego Comic-Con / Bloodfire Comics Booth.

Kevin Donaker-Ring guests with the Jetset, playing lead on the Paul Bevoir tune, “Heaven & Mrs. Winter.” from England’s Cherry Red Records, Swings & Roundabouts: The Very Best of The Jetset"

Bart Mendoza pens new Pink Floyd comics anthology forward from Bluewater Productions which will likely also be at the Comic-Con 2010

Blindspot News
New releases from Circa Now, Skid Roper, Dave Humphries and Skelpin. Skelpin recently won first place in the World Music category of the John Lennon Songwriting Awards with a song from this album, “The View.”

Singer-songwriter Marie Haddad has demoed a version of Bart Mendoza’s new song, “Falling,” for possible inclusion on her next album

The Shambles performed Cheap Trick’s classic album, At Budokan, in it’s entirety at Bar Pink in North Park/San Diego, on Saturday May 1, 10 p.m.

The Shambles - Bar Pink / May 1, 2010 setlist:
1) Hello There
2) Come On, Come On
3) Elo Kiddies
4) Lookout
5) Big Eyes
6) Need Your Love (w/ Adam Gimbel)
7) I Want You To Want Me
8) Surrender
9) California Man
10) Downed
11) Oh Caroline
12) Southern Girls
13) Goodnight Now
14) Aint That A Shame
15) Clock Strikes Ten
16) Auf Wiedrsehen

Town Criers, Manual Scan and members of the Penetrators performed at The Casbah on January 30.

The Shambles CD release show at the Casbah on Nov. 29 featured a second set of songs, each with a different guest from the local music community.

The following clips were posted online by Rosey Bystrak:

Clip #1 The Shambles with Steve Poltz, cover The Ramones "Sheena Is A Punk

Clip #2 The Shambles with Gary Hankins (Scarlet Symphony), cover Manual Scan’s
“Nothing Can Be Everything” and The Birds “Leavin Here”

Clip #3 The Shambles with Gregory Page cover The Beatles "I'm Only Sleeping"

Clip #4 The Shambles with Lee Harding (Echo Revolution) cover The Kinks "All Day
And All Of The Night"

Clip #5 The Shambles with Joey Harris (The Beat Farmers / The Mentals ) cover
The Rolling Stones "The Last Time."

Clip #6 The Shambles with Wendy Bailey perform "Innocence Becomes You." Wendy
also plays guitar on Clip #1 ("Sheena....")
Scan's "Nothing Can Be Everything" & The Birds "Leavin Here"

The Shambles / Blindspot Records Youtube Page has posted over five dozens videos including Manual Scan, The Shambles, Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, Skeplin, Anna Troy, The Risk, The Trebels, Wendy Bailey, The Nashville Ramblers and more!

Ray Brandes page has videos from The Mystery Machine, Crawdaddy’s and Tell Tale Hearts

Kenny Howes other band, Hautewerk was featured in Guitar World Magazine in 2009 plus they will have three songs in upcoming edition of Rock Band. The songs are from their 2006 album, Stop Start Again. Hautewerk’s songs will also be heard on various MTV programs.

Footage of Wendy Bailey & True Stories sessions at Studio West, March 4-5, 2010, soundtracked by Wendy's "I Swear, I Say" - look for Bart in the background of 1 clip.

Video clip of Anna Troy and Bart performing "I Will"

Bart Mendoza / Java Joes March 12, 2010 setlist:
1) In My Life
2) Clouds All Day
3) From A Window
4) Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Bear
5) There’s a Lot of Different Ways to Get To School
6) All Sorts
7) Carolina On My Mind / You Still Take My Breath Away
8) In Your Arms
9) What You Mean To Me
10) Can't Seem To Make You Mine
11) American Way
12) I Only Want To Be With You
13) Kids Are Alright
14) For Your Love
15) Blindspot / Innocence Becomes You
16) Where Have All The Good Times Gone
17) Everybody Wants To Go to Heaven (w/Dave Howard)
18) You Make Me Feel Good (w/Dave Howard)
19) I’m Looking Through You (w/Dave Howard)
20) Mystery Dance (w/Dave Howard)

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