Saturday, April 13, 2013

New! The Shambles "Live at the Casbah"

New! Sort of. The Shambles Live at the Casbah features 11 tracks from the band recorded live at the famous San Diego music venue in 2004. The album contains material from four shows and is a limited edition from Archive Records. The recording features Bart Mendoza, Kevin Donaker ring, Mark Zadarnowski, Mike Kamoo and Todd Woolsey. Here are the front and back covers.

True Stories = CD Compilations this Fall!

True Stories will be included on several upcoming compilation albums, including Staring at the Sun XI ("Hearts On Sleeve") and Elvis Costello tribute album, Beyond Belief ("Blue Chair")

Facebook Page For Elvis Costello: Beyond Belief

True Stories debut EP - this June!

True Stories, featuring Bart Mendoza, David Fleminger, Danny Cress and Billy Fritz, will release their debut EP this June. Comet's Tomorrow will feature six tracks recorded with Grammy award winning producer and engineer Alan Sanderson at Analog Chew Studio in Santee, California.

Comet's Tomorrow

1) Problems of Her Own (Mendoza/DeCerbo)
2) Bleeding (Mendoza)
3) In Your Arms (Mendoza/Morris)
4) Hearts On Sleeve (Mendoza)
5) Comet's Tomorrow (Mendoza/Morris)