Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dancing in the Street: A Celebration of Soul Music September 14 with Bart Mendoza & Steve Thorn + The Amandas!

On September 4, City Colleges World Cultures  Fall 2016 program presents, Dancing In The Street: A Celebration of Soul Music. Hosted by Bart Mendoza with Steve Thorn, there will be a short presentation before getting to the heart of the event - a set of classic soul tunes from the Amandas! Don't miss this FREE / ALL AGES event! This is a special matinee event 12:45 pm

The Shambles covered "She's Electric"

The Shambles rarity "She's Electric", a cover of the Oasis classic, has turned up on Youtube. The song was originally recorded in 1997 for a proposed tribute album from Flavour records in Japan. It ended up being released in 2003 as a bonus track on the Spanish edition of the Shambles "Chelsea Smiles (and more)" album. From the albums liner notes:

11)  She's Electric* (Gallagher) this Oasis song was recorded for a flurry of tribute albums circa 1997. Amongst other tunes considered at the same time for various projects, U2's "Angel Of Harlem", the Beatles "Fixing A Hole", The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love", Graham Gouldman's "Upstairs Downstairs" and a few others. Naturally odds are a few of those will turn up eventually…

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bart Mendoza & Friends set list August 21 2016 / Rebecca's Coffeehouse

Here's the song list from Bart Mendoza's set at Rebecca's Coffeehouse on August 21. The first 9 songs are originals. Mike Mullenberg joined in on bass for songs 6-11, Scott Mathiasen joined in on lead guitar for songs 10-11. This was the first time songs 4 and 5 were played live:

1) All Sorts
2) Blindspot
3) The Patron Saints of Could've Been
4) Skywriting
5) Tilting
6) In Your Arms  (with Sppike Mike Mullenberg)
7) Problems Of Her Own (with Sppike Mike Mullenberg)
8) Bleeding (with Sppike Mike Mullenberg)
9) You Still Take My Breath Away (with Sppike Mike Mullenberg)
10) Eleanor Rigby (with Sppike Mike Mullenberg & Scott Mathiasen)
11) Ticket To Ride (with Sppike Mike Mullenberg & Scott Mathiasen)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Shambles "Clouds All Day" featured in Cinema Spartan!

On the albums 20th Anniversary, website Cinema Spartan's Barry Benintende has penned a look back at the Shambles Clouds All Day, with both Kevin Ring and Bart Mendoza interviewed.

Cinema Spartan - Clouds All Day

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Manual Scan 40th Anniversary Show September 24 - FREE! All Ages!

Manual Scan will perform a special 40th Anniversary Show on September 24 as part of the Adams Avenue Street Fair! This show will feature special guests and surprise songs. 7 p.m. on the Casbah Stage, outdoors, at 33rd & Adams Avenue. The day will feature a lot of other great garage, mod, R&B and powerpop bands on September 24 including The Little Richards, The Bassics, Lady Dottie & The Diamonds, The Baja Bugs and more