Wednesday, November 14, 2012

True Stories Riviera Set List 11/9/12 Riviera Supper Club

A 35 song set from True Stories at the Riviera, including ten originals - one new original added to the set list as well as six new covers...Guest guitar this night from Kevin Donaker-Ring...

Riviera Set List 11/9/12

In Your Arms
Clouds All Day
She’s Got Everything
High Heeled Sneakers
All Sorts
Innocence Becomes You
What More Can I Do
Mystery Dance
More Than This
Sick of Myself *
I Want You Back
A Short Spiral *
Feel A Whole Lot Better
Nothing Can Be Everything
I Can’t Don’t Want To

For Your Love
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Cinnamon Girl *
Heart Full of Soul *
Slow Down
Happy Birthday
Temptation Eyes
I Got A Line On You

The Last Time
Marie's The Name
Bad Boy *
Route 66
Chains *

The Letter
Hanky Panky *

True Stories Set List for Beatlefair 2012

True Stories played a special all covers set at the 2012 Beatlefair - including a pair of tracks new to the set list*

Where Have All The Good Times Gone
The Letter
Things We Said Today
I Call Your Name
For Your Love
Feel A Whole Lot Better
High Heeled Sneakers
What More Can I Do
The Last Time
Twenty Flight Rock *
I Just Want To Touch You
Lies *
I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Sunday, September 16, 2012

True Stories Set List Sept 16 2012 Bayfair

     True Stories performed at Bayfair aka the Thunder Boat Races on Sept. 16 2012 with League of Liars, The Sara Groban Band, Locked Out of Eden, The Mercedes Moore Band and more!      

            In Your Arms
Clouds All Day
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
More Than This
All Sorts
You Still Take My Breath Away 
 Problems of Her Own 
Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Kinks)
Things We Said Today (Beatles)
Better Days 
The Dangerous Type (Cars)
      This Wish
       I Can't Don't Want To Faster
       Comets Tomorrow

True Stories Set List Sept 14 2012 Claire de Lune

True Stories Set List Sept 14 2012 at Claire de Lune, part of San Diego Music Thing 2012.

      In Your Arms
Clouds All Day
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
All Sorts
You Still Take My Breath Away 
 Problems of Her Own 
More Than This
      This Wish
      What You Mean To Me
       Innocence Becomes You
       I Can't Don't Want To Faster
             Where have All The Good Times Gone (Kinks)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bart Mendoza on the cover of the San Diego Troubadour September 2012

Bart Mendoza is the cover story in the September 2012 issue of the San Diego Troubadour. The free monthly music publication is available at newstands, coffeeshops, music venues etc. The issue fills in details on Bart Mendoza's many projects including his Blindspot Records label, the Staring at the Sun compilations, his writing endeavors, appearances in comics and more. 

Bart Mendoza San Diego Troubadour Cover Story

Friday, August 31, 2012

True Stories Set List August 30 2012 The Riviera Supper Club 27 Songs

Bart Mendoza and True Stories performed August 30 at the Riviera Supper Club in La Mesa, California. 27 songs total, running well over their allotted stage time. The band, which is comprised of bassist Billy Fritz, drummer Danny Cress, keyboardist / guitarist David Fleminger and vocalist / guitarist Bart Mendoza, first played a 14 song set and then decided to keep going for the fun of it. A lot of firsts on this night - the debut of the original song "More Than This", the airing of six new covers*, the first time keyboardist / guitarist David Fleminger sang lead in the band and the first time Bart Mendoza ever played keyboards on stage.

1)      In Your Arms
2)      Clouds All Day
3)      Bleeding
4)      Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

5)      Out Door Miner (Wire)
6)      What More Can I Do (The Zombies)*
7)      More Than This

8)      All Sorts
9)      You Still Take My Breath Away
10)   Problems of Her Own

11)   This Wish
12)   What You Mean To Me
13)  (Medley)  Just To See Your Face Again /
14)   Get Down (Gilbert O’Sullivan)*

15)   Honey Are You Straight (Elvis Costello)*
16)   (She’s Used to Playing with) Fire
17)   The Dangerous Type (The Cars)
18)   I Woke Up In Love This Morning (The Partridge Family)
19)   I Just Want to Touch You (Todd Rundgren / Utopia)*
20)   I Can’t Don’t Want To

21)   Things We Said Today (The Beatles) (David on vocals)*
22)   High Heeled Sneakers (Tommy Tucker) (Bart on keyboards)
23)   One After 909 (The Beatles)(David on vocals, guitar)*

24)   Better Days (David on guitar)
25)   Blindspot (David on guitar)
26)   Comets Tomorrow (David on guitar)
27)   Where Have All The Good Times Gone (The Kinks)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bart Mendoza interviews former Jefferson Airplane vocalist Grace Slick plus bluesman Billy Watson

Bart Mendoza is a regular contributor to the San Diego Troubadour, a free monthly music newspaper available throughout San Diego County. The March 2011 issue has two articles from him including a conversation with former Jefferson Airplane vocalist Grace Slick on page 4, with a bit about her time in San Diego circa the early sixties, her art and more. Additionally there is a talk with bluesman Billy Watson on page 8.

Bart Mendoza interviews Grace Slick plus bluesman Billy Watson

Bart Mendoza interviews former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman

Here's a vintage interview with former Rolling Stone's bassist Bill Wyman by Bart Mendoza. Subjects covered include touring, photography and more

Bart Mendoza interviews Bill Wyman

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oct 28 Bruce Foxton + Bart Mendoza & True Stories at 4th & B / San Diego

Tickets are now on sale for a very special show featuring Bruce Foxton & From the Jam + Bart Mendoza & True Stories, live at 4th & B in San Diego (345 B St./Downtown). October 28, 8 p.m. 21 and up.

Tickets for Bruce Foxton & Bart Mendoza at 4th & B - San Diego Oct 28 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Forty One Sixty: The Songs of the Shambles - video promos

In 2009, Jam Records, in conjunoction with Blindspot Records, issued Forty One Sixty: The Songs of the Shambles. The album features a selection of artists from around the world, performing songs written by Bart Mendoza (and in two cases, Kevin Donaker -Ring). It's a mix of new and previously released recordings. Here are three short video promos, complete with soundtrack from Canadian ska combo The Kingpins, blues rocker Anna Troy and British mod legends Yeh-Yeh, though without the DJ voiceover. 21 additional artists are featured including  the Lolas, Cockeyed Ghost, the Andersons (featuring Robbie Rist), Sugarplum (with Anthony Meynell of Squire), The Happy Losers, Mod Fun, The Eddies with Mark Le Gallez (of the Risk) and Marie Haddad.

The album isn't available digitally. You can find it at the JAM records site

Friday, August 10, 2012

Manual Scan - "She's So Fine" 2010 Live Studio Session FM94/9

In 2010 Shambles precursor Manual Scan reconvened for a special live radio session recorded for DJ Tim Pyles show, The Local 94/9. The band included Bart Mendoza, Kevin Donaker-Ring, Tim Blankenship and Morgan Young.

Manual Scan returned to the studio for the first time in 22 years, taping 5 songs broadcast on San Diego’s FM94.9. Recorded at Signature Sound Studios, the production was handled by Grammy winning producer / engineer, Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones / Weezer / Elvis Costello). The show was first aired on March 20, 2010 and has been repeated since. The band performed three classics and two covers:

1)   Plan of Action (Mendoza)
2)   She’s So Fine (The Easybeats)
3)   American Way (Mendoza)
4)   Nothing Can Be Everything (Mendoza)
5)   The Real Me (The Who)

"She's So Fine" and "Plan of Action" were released via the free CD's that accompanied British modzine Heavy Soul #5 and #6 respectively. "She's So Fine" has shown up on Youtube. A release of the entire session is reportedly in the works.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Sleazybeats - "Phil Spector's Birthday" video by Bart Mendoza

Recorded on November 22, 1997 by San Diego group, the Sleazybeats, "Phil Spector's Birthday" was penned by singer Sandra Castillo and guitarist Jay Wiseman (The Trebels, The Hoods, Evil Eyes etc). Other members included drummer John Chilson (The Shambles, The Trebels etc) and singer Rachael Gordon. The video was put together by Bart Mendoza for Blindspot Records, using dozens of album and single sleeves, as well as labels, for a collage of songs that Phil Spector was involved in, either performing, writing or producing them. The list includes The Beatles as well as John Lennon and George Harrison plus The Ramones, Dion, Leonard Cohen, The Ronettes, Starsailor, Gene Pitney and many more. "Phil Spector's Birthday" was issued first on the compilation album, Tiger Style, (2000) and later reissued on Staring at the Sun Volume 9 (2011).

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Shambles Complete Discography Updated

The Shambles Discography has been completely revamped and updated. More images coming soon, but it's now complete through December 2011.

The Shambles Complete Discography

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bart Mendoza 1991 Paul McCartney Ashcan Comic

Bart Mendoza has penned several comics related items over the years, including this Paul McCartney Ashcan, done for Revisionary Press in 1991. Available only as a promo item for advance orders of Beatles Experience #2, all copies were signed. The Beatles Comics website has a nice write up and the cover + art

Bart Mendoza at The Beatles Comics website

Bart Mendoza & True Stories perform "Clouds All Day"

Bart Mendoza & True Stories perform the Shambles live favorite "Clouds All Day" at Lestats on August 2 2012, shot by Jeremiah Byerly on a cellphone from the right hand audience theatre seats...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bart Mendoza interviews Graham Nash

Bart Mendoza interviews Graham Nash for the La Jolla Village News in this vintage article, focusing on Nash's photography.

Bart Mendoza interviews Graham Nash for the La Jolla Village News

Bart Mendoza interviews Peter Case

 Bart Mendoza has interviewed many musicians over the years. Here's a recent conversation with Peter Case (The Plimsouls, The Nerves) about an upcoming solo show in Ocean Beach / San Diego, CA

Bart Mendoza interviews Peter Case for the Beacon Peninsula

Bart Mendoza & True Stories Set List & Video for "Cant Seem To Make You Mine"August 1, 2012

Bart Mendoza & True Stories
with Jeremy Morris and Scott Mathiasen
August  1, 2012
Lestat's Coffeehouse / San Diego

Soundcheck: "I Call Your Name" (Beatles) for guitars, "I Woke Up In Love This Morning" for keys/vocals

In Your Arms
Clouds All Day
Can't Seem To Make You Mine
You Still Take My Breath Away
Problems of Her Own
All Sorts
This Wish
Just To See Your Face Again
What You Mean To Me

Outdoor Miner (Wire)
Runaway (Del Shannon)
Ever Fallen In Love (Buzzcocks)
Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Kinks)

Comets Tomorrow

I Woke Up In Love This Morning (Partridge Family)

Bart also joined Jeremy Morris on vocals for three songs in his set

It's Getting Better
Highway to Heaven
Time Has Come Today (Chambers Brothers)

A video has already been posted by an audience member,  Jeremiah Byerly, featuring the band in full Hammond / Argent mode on Bart's song "Can't Seem to Make You Mine." This is not a cover of the Seeds classic, but a new song from the band, We repost here with permission:

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Shambles and Manual Scan Covered

The Shambles and Manual Scan have had their songs covered by several artists, including ska combo The Kingpins, blues rocker Anna Troy and mod legend Anthony Meynell. Most of the tunes were written by Bart Mendoza,  a few with co-writers. Collaborators on tunes over the years include Maya Morris, Jeppe Riddervold, Frank Drennan, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Mark DeCerbo, Dylan Martinez and Robbie Rist. Here is an updated list of who has recorded what song and where it can be found.

The Shambles and Manual Scan Cover Versions

The Crawdaddys discography updated

The Crawdaddy's discography has been greatly updated, with releases documented from 1979-2005. This only covers the first version of the group with bassist and future founding Shamble Mark Zadarnowski. Singer Ron Silva was also drummer with The Shambles for a short time.

The Crawdaddys Discography

Manual Scan discography updated

Manual Scan's discography has been greatly updated, with releases from 1982-2010 documented. The band included Bart and Kevin of the Shambles.

Manual Scan Discography

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New! Wendy Bailey & True Stories "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" video

Bart Mendoza is also performing with the band True Stories and will be recording an album of new songs with them this fall. The bands set list includes songs from throughout his music career, including new tunes and songs from the Shambles, Manual Scan and Rachael Gordon songbooks. The band currently can be seen around Southern California and features Bart Mendoza, David Fleminger, Billy Fritz and Danny Cress. David is a founding member of Manual Scan and is currently in the Comeuppance and The Answers, plus the occasional spot with the Amandas. Danny and Billy are both former members of The Coyote Problem.

Here is an R&B garage rock tune written by Bart , "Can't Seem To Make You Mine," which can be found on the new album, String Theory, by Wendy Bailey & True Stories.

San Diego Music Awards Tickets now on sale!

The 22nd Annual San Diego Music Awards will take place August 13 at beautiful outdoor venue, Humphrey's by the Bay on August 13. Tickets are available now. Shambles guitarist Bart Mendoza is part of the San Diego Music Foundation team that puts together the event, contributing in several capacities. This is the party of the year for anyone who likes San Diego Music.

San Diego Music Awards

The Shambles "Mod Radio UK" video

The Shambles recorded a theme / jingle for Mod Radio UK. Here's a video using vintage clips from San Diego's mod scene circa 1987

Bart Mendoza features archive at the San Diego Reader

Shambles guitarist Bart Mendoza's day job as a music journalist includes work for the San Diego Reader. All of his writing for the weekly paper can be found here, updated as new articles come in

Bart Mendoza articles at the San Diego Reader

Bart Mendoza & True Stories Live Aug 1 2012 at Lestats

Bart Mendoza's new group, True Stories, performs at Lestat's in San Diego on August 1, 2012. The bill includes Michigan powerpop icon Jeremy Morris and blues/pop guitarist Scott Mathiasen. 9 p.m. All Ages.
The band includes David Fleminger (Manual Scan, The Answers etc), Billy Fritz and Danny Cress (The Coyote Problem, The Rarities)

New Shambles album out soon!

Coming this Summer! The Shambles recorded live at the Casbah in San Diego - A dozen tracks taken from various concerts taped in 2004 - out soon via Archive Recordings!

The Shambles meet Jonathan Richman

This is a rare promo pin issued to commemorate a run of eight shows at the Casbah in San Diego by Jonathan Richman, with the Shambles opening...

Manual Scan Live July 21 2012

Shambles precursor Manual Scan played a rare gig earlier this month in Orange County, a benefit for Gary Heffern, vocalist for the Penetrators. Also performing were Cindy Lee Berryhill, Nena Anderson and Peter Case, with Severo (The Smithereens) and Jim Lapesa (The Muffs / Dave Davies). Also in attendance, Frank Drennan (Dead Rock West), Derrick Anderson (The Bangles) and many more...

Huntington Beach, CA
July 21, 2012

American Way
For Those
Leaving Here
Nothing Can Be Everything
And We Still feel The Same
She's So Fine
I Can't Explain
Plan of Action
Feel A Whole Lot Better
Nothing You Can Do
Come See Me
I Can't don't Want to Faster

Bart Mendoza also joined Cindy Lee Berryhill during her set for a version of "She Had Everything"

The Shambles included in new book "Power Pop Prime"

The Shambles are included in the new book, Power Pop Prime Volume 1, from Not Lame Publishing. It includes an interview with Bart Mendoza and the band's song, "Days and Maybes" is included on the accompanying CD!