Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bart Mendoza June 30 Beatles Undercover with members of Transfer, Big Mountain, Silent Comedy etc

Live at the Office in North Park / San Diego: The Beatles Under Cover, scheduled for June 30, with an all star band which includes members of Get Back Loretta, Silent Comedy, Okapi Sun, Transfer and the Styletones with guest singers Bart Mendoza from True Stories, Matt Molarius of Transfer, Get Back Loretta’s Kevin Martin,  Shelbi Bennett of Midnight Pine, Jeremiah and Joshua Zimmerman of Silent Comedy and Quino of Big Mountain. 

Free! True Stories at the Ocean Beach Street Fair, Saturday June 28 2:15 p.m.

True Stories will perform at the Ocean Beach Street Fair on June 28 at 2:15 - Bart Mendoza, David Fleminger, Danny Cress, Orrick Smith and Mark DeCerbo! At the 92107 Stage on Bacon Street in front of Winston's!

Bart Mendoza appears on TV Show, San Diego Living

On June 19 Bart Mendoza made an appearance on morning TV show, San Diego Living (CW-6), discussing his appearance at the San Diego County Fair talking about his upcoming book , The Beatles and San Diego.Click on the link to view the segment.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

True Stories at Art Around Adams Free Music & Arts Festival Saturday June 7

True Stories (Bart Mendoza, David Fleminger, Danny Cress, Orrick Smith) will perform at Art around Adams on June 7, 2014 at 2 p.m.- The Blindspot Records / Smitty's Garage Stage. This is a 2 mile music and art walk with 9 stages and multiple indoor venues. It's a great line up, including the likes of:

Schitzophonics, Gregory Page, The Baja Bugs, Gone Baby Gone, Normandie Wilson, Scott Mathiasen & The Shifty Eyed Dogs, Neon Cough, The Touchies, Christopher Dale, Subsurfer, Tolan Shaw, Divebomber, Inspired and the Sleep, Days of Gravity, High Rolling Loners, Chocolate Revolution, Skelpin, Neighbors to the North, The Peripherals and dozens more!

All Ages. Free music and free comedy trolley between outdoor stages, plus free music in the area's music venues all day long!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bart Mendoza's cover designs for The Eddies

Bart Mendoza has designed posters and covers for numerous groups beyond the ones he performs with, notably Los Angeles mod /powerpop trio, The Eddies - here are five designs the band has used on their singles.

Monday, June 2, 2014

True Stories appears on new Dwight Twilley tribute album from Australia's Zero Hour Records

This fitting tribute album includes two classic Twilley albums, recast in their entirety:  "Sincerely and Twilley Don't Mind."
The disc features True Stories (Bart Mendoza, David Fleminger, Danny Cress) performing "Didn't You Say."

Other artists include: Rainy Day Saints, Chris Silagyi (20/20), Michael Carpenter, Donovan's Brain feat: Bobby Sutliff, Lannie Flowers, Matt Keating, Spike Priggen, honeychain, Jim Lapesa, Mike Dees, Beekler, Eric Collins and his Ilk, Martin Martini and The Bloody Marys, Sitcom Neighbor, The Frinchers, Popdudes, The Slapbacks, The Mold Monkees, Jared Lekites, Esa Linna, The Bottle Kids, Pop Fiction.

FREE bonus postcard set and badge is included with each purchase.

The Shambles feature on new soundtrack album, A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Just out is A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which includes the Shambles (Bart Mendoza, Kevin Ring, Mark Zadarnowski, Bill Calhoun, David Klowden) backing Jon Kanis on his song "It Is and It Isn't." The recording dates from 1995 originally a contribution to the Blindspot Records compilation series. Notable tracks include Kanis's cover of Bangs classic "Let it Blurt," the tunes by a reunited Thee Dark Ages, featuring Jerry Raney of the Beat Farmers. Also included on the disc are contributions by Robert Williams (Captain Beefheart), Jack Gimble, and the Flying Sandolini.

A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists (2014)

1. Let It Blurt/Jon Kanis (3:46)
2. Where Is The Poet Christ?/Running/The Flying Sandolini (3:12)
3. Pain Of Being White/Thee Dark Ages (1:53)
4. Please Candle With Hair/Robert Williams (4:11)
5. LB, Stick To Your Guns/Thee Dark Ages (4:14)
6. It Is & It Isn’t / Jon Kanis & the Shambles (4:05)
7. Do You Ride The Bus Alone?/The Flying Sandolini (2:24)
8. A Box Full Of Rocks Part 1/Jon Kanis (6:46)
9. El Cajon Blues/Jack Gimble (3:48)
10. They Call Us The Goons/Thee Dark Ages (3:26)
11. Machine Gun/The Flying Sandolini (3:19)
12. Heaven’s Devils/Thee Dark Ages (2:44)
13. A Box Full Of Rocks Part 2/Jon Kanis & The Flying Sandolini (4:09)
14. I Can’t Turn Down/Thee Dark Ages (2:52)
15. Dark Ages Jam Tonight/Thee Dark Ages (3:18)

The Shambles feature on new Jon Kanis compilation, All American Mongrel Boy

Jon Kanis has released a career spanning collection, All American Mongrel Boy (1989 - 2014). A number of notable musicians show up in the tracks including Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, XTC, Dethklok) and Darian Sahanaja  (Brian Wilson, The Zombies, Heart). The Shambles (Bart Mendoza, Mark Zadarnowski, Kevin Ring, Bill Calhoun, David Klowden) appear backing Kanis on his song, "It Is and It Isn't." The song, recorded at San Diego's Blitz Studios by Richard Livoni, was originally released on Staring at the Sun Volume III in 1995, via Blindspot Records. It  was also part of the Shambles long out of print rarities compilation, Reviving Spark (1997), released only in Japan, by 1+2 Records. It  also shows up on a documentary sound track this month.

Jon Kanis
All-American Mongrel Boy (1989-2014)
1. Where Is Joe Strummer When You Need Him? (3:12)
2. Welcome Home (2:40)
3. Arlington (2:42)
4. Through These Eyes (with Liv Mueller) (2:12)
5. It Is & It Isn’t (with The Shambles) (4:05)
6. Walk Without Me (4:55)
7. That (5:49)
8. Follow Up (2:33)
9. Dweller On The Threshold (4:41)
10. Holiday Motel (2:17)
11. A.C. In Michigan (4:22)
12. The Sun (4:24)
13. The Colorist (4:37)
14. Make It (4:18)
15. Real Gone (4:05)
16. Think It Over (4:03)
17. The Past Is Not Made To Last (Who Loves Ya, Baby?) (2:39)
18. The Return Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (Albert Hofmann Mix) (3:21)

Clips from the 2013 Blindspot Records Party including Mark DeCerbo and Bob Tedde with Bart Mendoza

Bart Mendoza joins Mark CeCerbo and Bob Tedde of Rockola for an impromptu "Here Comes The Sun," at the 2013 Blindspot Records party. Video courtesy of Thomas Bottroff. More videos from the party, including performances from Normandie Wilson, Alison Marae and Sierra West can be found at the same page as the video.